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Source: Cop was badly beaten before shooting Brown








According to a source close to the police department, the officer was badly beaten before he shot Brown.

From Fox News:

Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered…

You don’t need pictures when the CT comes back showing the orbital blowout fx

no you definitely need pictures that show corroborate the time and severity of supposed injuries.

For all we know he went straight to the hospital after the altercation. That is essentially photo proof since a CT is a photo of the skull and will show any soft tissue damage as well as fractures and brain damage

Also, police often come in and take pictures of injuries for cases such as these. At least, at my hospital they do anyway.

you mean to tell me, that he was at the hospital since the shooting AND no one from the police department reported it?  Essentially that would’ve deaded the whole issue from the beginning, cop was gettin his ass whooped had no choice but to shoot.”

However not only did no one report this until very recently, there are THREE witness testimonies saying opposite. 

So he may have gotten his ass beat, recently, but was it by the shooting victime? That’s why a date and time ont hose photos is necessary, NOT just the photos of the injuries. 

If he was beaten, why didn’t he look beaten in the video right after the altercation. 


Where’s the blood on his face?  Where are the paramedics treating his injuries? 

He stayed on scene for nearly four hours.  How does that happen when you’re “severely beaten” to the point that your eye socket is broken?  How is he walking down in the hot sun?

Come on now. 


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